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Power up your Hytera communication devices with the Hytera PS16001 Power Supply, a high-performance energy solution designed for professionals who rely on uninterrupted communication. Engineered with precision and durability, this power supply ensures a stable and efficient power source, keeping your radios and accessories operational at all times. Whether you're in emergency services, security, or hospitality, the PS16001 power supply provides the reliable energy needed to keep your team connected and responsive.

Key Features:

Stable Power Delivery: The PS16001 Power Supply delivers a stable and consistent power flow to your Hytera communication devices. Say goodbye to interruptions and unexpected shutdowns, ensuring that your radios operate smoothly, allowing your team to focus on their tasks without disruptions.

Efficient Performance: Engineered for efficiency, the PS16001 power supply maximises energy usage, reducing wastage and ensuring a greener energy footprint. Experience efficient power delivery that not only keeps your devices running but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with a range of Hytera radio models and accessories, the PS16001 offers versatile charging options. Experience unified power solutions for multiple Hytera devices, streamlining your energy management setup and ensuring consistency across your communication tools.

Durable and Reliable: Built with durability in mind, the PS16001 Power Supply boasts a robust construction designed to withstand daily use. Its rugged build ensures longevity and reliability, even in demanding conditions. Trust in its performance, making it a dependable tool for your energy needs over the long term.

Safety Assurance: The PS16001 power supply comes with advanced safety features to protect your devices from power surges, short circuits, and overheating. This ensures not only the safety of your communication devices but also the safety of your users, making it an ideal choice for professional environments.

Compact Design: The PS16001 Power Supply features a compact and space-saving design, making it suitable for various setups, from office environments to vehicle installations. Its compact size ensures that it can fit into tight spaces without compromising efficiency, allowing for flexible installation options.

Elevate your power management solutions with the Hytera PS16001 Power Supply. Experience stable power delivery, efficient performance, and versatile compatibility. Stay connected, stay efficient, and stay ahead with Hytera. Empower your team with a reliable energy source designed to keep your communication devices powered and operational in any professional setting.


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