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Connect Plus Control Centre App / Office Dispatch Solution for POC Network

The Connect Plus Command and Control Centre is a professional solution for taxi companies, delivery and logistics organisations, or any business that has remote workers out in the field. 

It's a powerful and flexible dispatching solution that works with our Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Network, promoting reliable communication with your team, boosting productivity, and enabling you to co-ordinate effective emergency measures.

The Command and Control Centre can be organised as a desktop application in an office over broadband / Wi-Fi, or it can be run in the field on recommended devices over the cellular network. The system has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, with a quick installation process which ensures set-up can be completed in minutes.

Key Features

  • Group Call, Individual Call and Priority Call
  • Dynamic Groups
  • Emergency Call Receiving and Mapping
  • Remote Control
  • Text and Data Multimedia Messaging Platform
  • Status Messages
  • Lone Worker Protection and Lone Worker Protection Control Panel
  • Voice Recording and Call History
  • Map Tools
  • Live GPS Localization
  • Geo-fencing
  • Guard Tour
  • Task Management
  • Indoor Localization
  • Video Calling
  • Features Explained

Features Explained

Group Calls

Group calls are the core functionality of any two-way communications system, and the Push-To-Talk feature allows a single user to reach hundreds of users, instantly, with the push of a button. Our Connect Plus Control Centre system allows for multiple group call channels, making sure voice transmissions are organized and transmitted to the relevant teams.

Individual Calls

An individual call allows the dispatcher to communicate privately outside of a group call. This is a one-to-one simplex call that is easy to initiate, and provides a secure user-to-user simplex voice channel at the press of a button. The individual call is sent to the user to accept or decline; when accepted, the individual call is created and once ended, the user will automatically re-join the group.

Emergency Call Receiving

The emergency feature of Connect Plus is designed to keep users in the field safe and in contact with help, if required. When the Control Centre receives an emergency call, the software will immediately give you a visual indication, sound an emergency alarm and open the microphone of the user in distress, so live audio can be heard. If GPS is enabled on the user's device, you will also see the location of the user. This is a key feature, and enables further features such as dispatching the closest or most appropriate user to provide support.

Remote Control

The Connect Plus dispatcher solution has the ability to remotely access the microphone and camera of a particular user. This feature is proving to be very important in critical environments such as security services or front line personnel, where the user may be threatened, abused or physically attacked, or can be working in a high risk environment.

Text and Data Multimedia Messaging Platform

Integrated within this system is an integrated messaging platform, which allows users and office dispatchers to share key files, such as images, videos, text messages, excel files, PDF documents and so on. The files can be sent and received by the group, or to specific individual users.

Lone Worker Protection

The Lone Worker Protection Application (LWP) is a feature-rich bolt-on application that uses data from the user's device to automatically and immediately notify the despatcher of any problems. The accelerometer on the mobile device can be used to detect a fall, sending a text message to the emergency contact to let them know an impact detection has been flagged, and identifying the user. Automated Man Down alerting has transformed work places over the recent years, making them safer and healthier places. Connect Plus LWP is a robust and complete emergency beacon.

Voice Recording and Call History

Call history and voice recording is all possible with this Control Centre platform. The system features multi-channel recording, allowing the users to go back to missed calls or to listen again to previous calls for further information. The system can record months’ worth of voice communication between users, and is available to replay in the history interface at any time..

GPS Localization

The Connect Plus control centre solution has multiple screens with excellent presentation capabilities, and provides the operator with a large mapping screen showing live GPS locations of users. The live GPS mapping data is sent from the user to the server, marking the precise location of the device.

Guard Tour

Guard Tour is a unique feature, providing the operator with route-mapping and management tools. These tools allow routes to be set up for users, and the operator is then notified when the user moves between points.

Task Management

The Task Manager bolt-on offers advanced capabilities for managing inventory, invoices and tracking deliveries, to name a few examples. Task Manager provides the operator with issue management capabilities and includes manual and automated processing algorithms, with real-time status updates, user management, positioning, reporting and other administrative information. The beauty of Task Management is the ability to tailor this to your specific requirements. The system can be integrated to work alongside exising Connect Plus services and external databases.

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