Lone Worker Protection App

Lone Workers are people who work by themselves without close of direct supervision. Lone Workers, by law, often require specialist procedures to be set into place before they are exposed to their work environment. These procedures often differ from organizing the health and safety of other employees.

Our Connect Plus Lone Worker Protection app is an emergency application that can be supplied on specialist hardware or existing smartphones / devices. Our application can be tailored to suit your requirements whether this is for users who are working in a remote or dangerous location, or if they are simply away from their team for a set period of time.

Lone worker protection features include:

Emergency Call

The emergency call feature is initiated by the user in an emergency or distress situation. This call is triggered by a virtual or physical emergency button on the device and as soon as this is pressed an acoustic and visual alarm is sent to the dispatcher and other radio users, alerting them of an emergency.

Man Down Alarm

The Man Down alarm is an automatic emergency option which uses the device's accelerometer to detect a fall and send a text message alert to emergency contacts. The emergency text message indicates the username, GPS location with a link to the map feature which details the exact location.

No Movement Alarm

The no movement alarm uses GPS location data obtained from the device to detect a user's movements. If a user remains motionless for a certain period of time, an inactivity timer will start. If the user remains motionless on GPS the application sends an emergency alert and will automatically initiate an emergency call, which can also activate the user's microphone or camera.

Periodic Check

Our Lone Worker Protection application also provides a periodic check alarm which after a set period of time will create a pop up dialog box on the user's device saying "Everything fine?". If the user does not respond, the application will then initiate an emergency call and alert all the team to the problem.

Remote Camera / Recording

A dispatcher is able to access the microphone or camera of the desired user remotely, and stream this back to the office. This might be very important in critical environments, for example security services when confronted with difficult situations, or when users are working in high-risk areas and conditions. 

Further features include:

  • Impact detection
  • Fall detection
  • Battery Level Warning
  • Battery Level Emergency Call


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