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Motorola “E” Series handheld two-way radio and mobile radios

Motorola “E” Series handheld two-way radio and mobile radios

date Released On 21st Feb 2024

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RadioTrader has stocked handheld and mobile radios from Motorola's "E" Series since the range first launched in 2016. The success of the range was clear to see then, and continues to this day as developing technology takes radio communication to new levels. 

Described by Motorola as a “dynamic evolution of digital two way radios”, the “E” Series is designed for professionals, with size, safety and connectivity built into their many features.

Hand portable features

  • Up to 28 hours of battery life
  • An improved receiver boosts range by up to 8% over previous models
  • Tested to military standards for ruggedness
  • IP68 rating so they’re almost completely immune to dust and water (with the exception of the DP2400e and DP2600e, which are IP67 rated)
  • The DP4401e and DP4801e has integrated man-down, Wi-Fi and location tracking – features are activated by licence keys.
  • Vibrating belt clip available with the DP4000e radios to help to alert you to a call
  • They have TIA4950 HazLoc (Hazardous Location) certification options
  • Increased radio RAM memory and Flash memory
  • The DP3441e and DP4000e series radios feature Bluetooth audio and a high performance integrated voice.

Safety is a high priority in the "E" Series. Emergency buttons, location tracking, man-down and lone worker functionality are just a few of the features incoporated into many models in the "E" Series

Main features for mobile radios

  • IP54 Rating
  • Bluetooth Audio – DM4401e and DM4601e
  • Integrated Wi-Fi enables remote software updates – DM4401e and DM4601e
  • Indoor and outdoor location tracking capabilities – DM4401e and DM4601e
  • High power audio amplifier to deliver loud, clear speech
  • Background noise cancellation.

Buy your Mototrbo “E” Series radio from us for guaranteed low prices and fast delivery.

To enquire about any radio not currently listed on our website, please get in touch to ask about availability.

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