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Event Radio Hire

date Released On 19th Apr 2023

Two-Way Radio Hire for Events 

Reliable, affordable radio hire for all types of events across Ireland. Our complete walkie-talkie package is available with next-day delivery for short- or long-term hire. 

Efficient organisation and reliable communication are key to the smooth, safe running of any public event. Our two-way radio hire packages for Ireland will help any event management team achieve this. From major football clubs, motorsport rallies and sell-out concert stadiums, to local shows, fairs and sporting challenges, we provide a professional, friendly service, with everything included for reliable communication at your event.

What's included in our radio hire package?

  • Up-to-date, handheld radios
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Use of our ComReg licence
  • Free consultancy and support
  • Next-day delivery

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Crowd management, support and security

Walkie-talkie hire is a cost-effective way to manage large-participation events, allowing organisers and medical teams to keep large numbers of participants and spectators safe and respond effectively to any issue that may arise.

Auto-cross rally

Making sure you get the most appropriate equipment 

To make sure that you’ll get the coverage you need from your hired radios, we’ll find out whether your  event is being held indoors or outdoors, the terrain, the distance the radios need to cover etc., so we can supply you with the most appropriate, high quality digital radio equipment possible.

Hiring Push-toTalk over Cellular (PoC) radio equipment

One portable radio hire solution that's particularly suitable for some events, as well as users that aren't familiar with traditional walkie talkies, is push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) radios. PoC radios work a little differently from traditional two-way radios, but we believe they are the way ahead, so much so that we have developed our own push-to-talk over cellular platform, called Connect Plus.

Rather than operating on radio frequencies, PoC radios communicate reliably using the existing nationwide 3G and 4G networks via roaming SIMs, just like mobile phones. They can also operate through your own Wi-Fi on-site, for smaller events.  A wide range of PoC-compatible devices are available, but we'd highly recommend hiring the the RugGear RG360.

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Radio hire for long-distance events

Because of the way they work, PoC radios don't need radio repeaters to obtain the required coverage over long distances and varying terrain.  This makes them really useful for long distance sporting events such as road races or cycling events in both urban and rural areas.

If you're in a hurry...

Event management is a full-on job, so if it's slipped your mind to organise radio hire, or you need extra handsets at the last minute, don't worry. The other great benefit of our Connect Plus platform is that there's an "App Only" version that users can simply download to their existing IOS, Android or Windows phone. Users can then log into the system to communicate with the rest of the team, as if they were using a traditional two-way radio. 

Tour de Yorkshire imageTwo-way radio hire is ideal for:

  • Any type of sporting event:
    • Running and racing events - marathons, half-marathons, biathlons and triathlons, off-road trail runs and fun-runs
    • Cycling events - charity bike tours, local race events, national cycling events i.e. Tour de Yorkshire
    • Football, rugby or cricket matches - professional or amateur, from local leagues to national stadia
    • Track and field athletic events, at local or national level.
    • Motorsport: racing, rallying, karting, circuit racing, trials etc.(We are MSA radio suppliers)
    • Airsoft events
  • Concert venues and stadia
  • Agricultural shows, country fairs etc.
  • Business events and exhibitions

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The radio hire period - looking for short- or long-term?

We offer radio hire for any length of time, from one day to a week, a season, or even a permanent hire arrangement.

Long-term hire also has the added benefits of hassle-free maintenance and expert back-up any time you need expert advice.

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