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What is Push-To-Talk-Over-Cellular?

PTT Over Cellular (PoC) is a cellular based two way radio that communicates using the existing 3G / 4G LTE network. PoC solutions first appeared on the market over a decade ago using the existing 2G network, however since the commercial 4G LTE rollout, fast data speeds and low latency now means Push-To-Talk-Over-Cellular combines global network coverage with reliable performance.

What Can You Expect From A Push To Talk Over Cellular Platform?

A push to talk over cellular platform offers users instant private group / team communication over multiple channels with a potentially unlimited range. There are further features that our LTE platform offers which include, individual private call, live user location mapping, tracking history, video calling, dedicated emergency button and emergency mapping to name a few.

Why Use PoC Instead Of A Mobile Phone?

PoC is designed to be used in commercial environments where you need to talk to one or more users instantly, with no connection delays. There is no need to dial numbers, you simply push the button to speak to the desired user or group. Unlike other platforms such as Whats App which is not designed for business use, our PoC platform allows you to have access to live user locations, instant group communication, push devices to video and enable devices microphones in emergency situation, reducing responce times.

What Is Involved In The Installation Of A System?

Getting up and running with a PoC system is simple and straight forward, no repeaters, no infrastructure, no radio programming, no licencing costs. The platform can be hosted on devices and sim cards we can supply or you can host this on your own mobile phone as an app.

4G Coverage In My Area Is Inconsistent, Does This Mean I Cannot Use The System?

The SIM cards used in our PoC solutions are not locked to one network supplier, it is a multi roaming SIM. A roaming SIM will pick up the strongest network, whether that is a 4G signal or a 3G signal. Also our PoC solution can work over the Wi-Fi network, which is a great solution if you are in and out of buildings or have stubborn areas of coverage within a building.

Introducing Connect Plus, RadioTrader's LTE Cellular Network Platform

Connect Plus Logo

Here at RadioTrader we have spent a great deal of time looking at the push to talk over cellular market and evaluating the potential this brings to the two way radio industry. We have carefully considered various platforms and extensively tested each. Unlike other companies, rather than advertise everything we have been offered, we have waited until the complete solution came along. Now is that time!

Connect Plus is more than just a push to talk over cellular platform, it has the ability to expand further, pushing communications and features that previously would not have been possible in the two way radio industry. Using Connect Plus you can create your own network for multiple purposes, ranging from global group communication, individual private calling, video calling, live user location, historical location tracking and multiple emergency features to name a few.

RadioTraders Connect Plus platform is unrivalled in terms of flexibility and can be supplied in multiple different ways for different contract lengths, whether that be app only running for 1 month or app, device and multi roaming sim card required for a 24 month period, anything is possible. An important point to make is that unlike other multi roaming sim cards, our Connect Plus sim cards are totally non-steered and will never favour a parent network over stronger carrier signals.

Platform FeaturesPoC Platform Features

  • Wide Area Global Coverage
  • 3G/4G, LTE and Wi-Fi Connection
  • Non Steered Multiple Network Roaming Sim Cards
  • Unrivalled Contract Flexibility From As Little As 1 Month Rolling  
  • Instant Push To Talk Communication
  • Group Communication or Individual Private Communication
  • Link Two Way Radios Together With Push To Talk Over Cellular Units
  • Flexible Device Choice and Data Options
  • Secure Communication
  • Multimedia Messaging Platform
  • Map and Location Tracking
  • Despatcher Available
  • Video Calling
  • Low Set Up Costs

PoC Plans

Bolt-on Applications

Bolt-on applications provide additional solutions for your push to talk over cellular (POC) communications. Having bolt on applications provides greater flexibility when using the platform and can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Bolt-on applications include:

Bolt On

Bolt-on Application Videos

  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Push To Video
  • Task Manager
  • Indoor Localisation

Industries Already Benefitting From Push To Talk Over Cellular (PoC)


MarineOil and GasStadium CommunicationsWaste and Recycling

Our Most Popular PoC Devices

The great thing about this platform is the ability to use multiple devices or even use your own smartphone device through an app. Here we have listed devices we would recommend using for your PoC solution. We can also supply ATEX handheld devices to work on the push to talk over cellular network, if you require an ATEX device i would recommend contacting us.

RugGear RG650 RG650

The RugGear RG650 is a rugged android smartphone device that has been designed with PTT over cellular in mind. The RG650 features an impressive and immersive 18:9 "edge-to-edge" display that provides >500 nits display giving you a seamless experience on the go, even in direct sunlight. The RugGear RG950 features extra loud audio approx. 95dB and is rugged to the core, withstanding drops of up to 1.5m and waterproof (IP68) to a depth of 1.2 metres for 30 minutes.

The RugGear RG650 has a long lasting 4200mAh battery that provides outstanding battery life, providing continuous communication through the day and night.

RG725RugGear RG725

The RugGear RG725 is an Android based rugged smart phone device that has been designed with the push to talk over cellular sector in mind. The RG725 is rugged beyond military standard and features a designated push to talk button. This device provides super clear audio using advanced smart audio technology with a front speaker designed providing boosted volume to 105dB. The RG725 also features an extra bright torch (4-LED 90 LUX), a long lasting 500mAh battery with a standby time of 400 hours and a talk time of 22 hours.

The RugGear RG725 is compatible with a range of accessories such as a belt clip for communications on the move, 13-pin PTT headset connectors and a six unit multi charger features LED indicators for a clutter free environment.

Telo TE300Telo TE300

The Telo TE300 is a rugged and compact push to talk over cellular handheld device that features superior audio quality and an impressive IP67 rating. The TE300 has a Ø36mm 2w speaker that produces crystal clear loud audio quality regardless of any background noise. This device also supports GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning making this a perfect solution for PoC users who also require tracking and routing solutions.

The Telo TE300 is designed to look like a traditional two way radio and is simple in operation. This device has a fixed external LTE antenna which improves cellular coverage to the device, especially when you are operating in built up terrain. Another radio feature that is incorporated into this device is the channel change knob, this allows for convenient channel selection with the ability to have audio feedback.

Telo M5Telo M5 Vehicle Mobile

The Telo M5 fixed mobile radio is a smart LTE device that has been designed for use in vehicles. This device features two high sensitive antennas at the back of the unit to provide reliable 4G / LTE and GPS data. The Telo M5 also features multiple location services, crystal clear audio, a dedicated map button, Full HD 2mp front facing camera and a range of hands-free accessories to ensure smooth operation in vehicles.

The Telo M5 has Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity and a range of sensors such as G-Sensor, Acceleration Sensor, Gyroscope and Compass. This unit operated on Android 5.1 and has an IP54 protection rating.


APP Only - To Use On Existing DevicesPTT APP

We can also supply an app only version of the platform. This is an ideal solution if you currently have existing devices or smartphones that you are already comfortable using or to reduce the costs of rolling out new devices. The app can be downloaded onto your device and then you are able to log in and access the system. Typically there is less training involved with the APP only device as there is no need to learn how the device operates and the platform is an easy to use, push to talk method. 




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