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ComReg Licences for Business Radios in Ireland

date Released On 13th Jan 2022

Cost-Effective ComReg Licences for Business Radios in Ireland

  • Fully approved ComReg TPBR licensing scheme
  • Unlimited business radios licensed for €100 per channel, per year
  • Managed channels to improve transmission security and reduce interference
  • No geographic restriction
  • No application delay - channel is supplied immediately 

If your business or organisation uses radio systems for communication with colleagues and work teams, you need secure channels, private transmissions and a simple, cost-effective licensing process.

RadioTrader offers all this to customers through our fully approved ComReg licensing scheme. 

Unfortunately, for many business users in Ireland, the traditional route to a ComReg Business Radio licence process can be complicated, restrictive, and it can get expensive very quickly. 

What’s the problem?

Licensing for two-way radios in Ireland is managed by the Commission for Communications Regulation, or ComReg for short. 

Not everyone who ought to apply for a Business Radio licence from ComReg does, though. There are various reasons for this, one being that not everyone realises that they should. Another is the difficulties, restrictions and expense involved, such as:

Costs - ComReg charges €22 per piece of equipment, plus a fixed charge of €22 for the duration of the licence. As an example, the annual cost for 5 walkie talkies and 2 radio mics would be: 7 units +1 Fixed Charge = 8 x €22 = €176.

Geographical restrictions - ComReg geo-tags traditional business radio licences to a specific location, so if you need to use your radios in more than one place, you’ll need to apply to ComReg for more licences.
Annual renewal required - Traditional ComReg Licences have to be renewed every 12 months, which can be a time-consuming administrative task. 

Whatever the reason, without a ComReg licence, users often leave their two-way radios on factory frequencies, or they might program them onto licence-free PMR446 frequencies, which is highly illegal (these frequencies are reserved solely for lower-powered, licence-exempt radios).

This brings its own problems, which can damage an organisation’s professional reputation. The limited PMR446 frequencies are usually very congested, and business users are naturally concerned about channel security. They might also experience transmission interruption or interference, which delays the range.  

RadioTrader’s affordable, easily managed licence solution

ComReg has a scheme in place called the TPBR (Third-Party Business Radio) licence. Unlike many other communication companies in Ireland, RadioTrader has invested in such a licence for the benefit of our customers. 

A TPBR licence has benefits that a traditional licence does not:

Cost-Effective ComReg Licences for Business Radios in Ireland

  • It allows us to provide business radio services to our customers throughout Ireland. without the need for individual licensing.
  • There are no geographical restrictions.
  • It provides a versatile service that meets the short- and long-term needs of your business as it evolves over time.

When you licence your radios through us, you also benefit from:

  • A maximum cost of €100 per channel, per year, irrespective of the number of radios you have.
  • Unrestricted use of your radios at any location in Ireland.
  • We fully manage the frequency spectrum, so customers needn’t be concerned about transmission security or interference.
  • TPBR channels can be supplied immediately with no application delays.

Moving your radio system onto a professional, licensed footing is easy and affordable. Ask us for more information. 

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